These Wonderful Morgans are now traveling new Trails 

HMSTD Cinnamon Rose

HMSTD Cinnamon Rose has been sold to a wonderful new home


MPLNMN Far Away Story

MPLNMN Far Away Story "Suzy" has been sold to fellow morgan Breeder Char Cook in Indiana, USA.  I am excited follow their journey.

MPLNMN Creamy Maple Rum

I am super excited to be able to announce that after her search for a new partner in all her horse adventures that Jeanette has chosen MPLNMN Creamy Maple Rum aka Merlin to be part of her journey, in the search Jeanette was unable to choose one new partner so Merlin will have a new brother Raven to be his friend to grow up with as well.  My heart is full for Jeanette and these two fantastic colts.

MPLNMN Sunup Satin Gold & MPLNMN Glimpse of Gold

MPLNMN Sunup Satin Gold "Dexter" and MPLNMN Glimpse of Gold "Harley" have been sold to a wonderful home together.  Happy Trails!

GDYUP Sunrise Augustus

GDYUP Sunrise Augustus has been sold to a wonderful new home.  Happy Trails!